Sustainable Fashion Labels I’m Loving!

Living in lockdown brought back the simplicity of wearing a school uniform. I wore the same few outfits (and by outfits I really mean tracksuits, jumpers and leggings) on rotation for over a year. For the most part, I enjoyed not having to use precious brainpower to decide what to wear each day, however just… Continue reading Sustainable Fashion Labels I’m Loving!


How To Keep Your Favourite Clothes Forever (or close to it)

Clothing manufacture and sales in the UK is still the fourth largest pressure on our natural resources after housing, transport and food. [1] It is estimated that, in the UK, the average lifetime for an item of clothing is 2.2 years. By extending the lifespan of just 50% of UK clothing by 9 months could reduce… Continue reading How To Keep Your Favourite Clothes Forever (or close to it)

Fast Fashion, No Thanks.

My journey away from fast fashion began with minimalism. Rewind a few years; I was preparing to move countries for work for a second time. When you are forced to pack your whole life into two suitcases and maybe a box you have no choice but to be ruthless with what stays and what goes.… Continue reading Fast Fashion, No Thanks.