I Love Herbs, But It’s Not Reciprocal

Every time I go to do the shopping I buy herbs. Coriander is my top contender, followed closely by thyme (rice and peas are a frequent dish in my house). Now buying herbs is hardly considered an arduous task however, I always find myself in the same conundrum – to buy the pre-picked bunch OR the potted versions you can grow at home?

Buying the potted version always comes across as the most sustainable option as it cuts out the travel emissions and plastic, compared to purchasing the pre-picked bunches every week. However, every time I buy the potted herbs (with the grand plan of turning my windowsill into the indoor herb garden of the decade), THEY ALWAYS DIE. I honestly don’t know what it is. I always follow the instructions, but alas, death inevitably comes.

I have considered that maybe the potted herbs were destined for the bin, a ploy by the grocers to get me spending £3 each visit in the hope of a lush herb garden. A ploy, that I must admit, I have fallen for numerous times. This time was going to be different though, I was not going to fall victim anymore; I was going to attempt growing my own herbs from seed.

Now, I don’t have the slightest hint of a green thumb – much to the displeasure of my family of avid gardeners. What I do have to offer is enthusiasm, organisation and a reasonable ability to research. After a few hours on google, I embarked on my seed sowing journey. I purchased all the relevant equipment; seeds (I picked Own Grown non-GMO seeds), a seed tray, soil and grow lights. I also had a few packets of chilli seeds from Wahaca (a Mexican restaurant here in London) that I thought I might throw in there for good measure.

The seed planter I purchased has 24 cups which I planted a row of basil, chili, coriander, chives and thyme. I watched a few videos on YouTube to figure out the best planting method – the video below by Joe The Gardener is very helpful. Additionally, the seed packets I purchased have planting instructions on the back.

Unfortunately, after 4 weeks of growing, my chilli and basil seeds were the only seeds that managed to sprout.  I am loving the experience so far and I am glad that the chilli and basil are coming along nicely. Fingers crossed they grow big enough for me be able to use them!

Freshly planted

Also freshly planted

Week 3 🙂

If you have any tips on how to grow herbs I would really appreciate them so please share them in the comments below.




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