How To Keep Your Favourite Clothes Forever (or close to it)

Clothing manufacture and sales in the UK is still the fourth largest pressure on our natural resources after housing, transport and food. [1] It is estimated that, in the UK, the average lifetime for an item of clothing is 2.2 years. By extending the lifespan of just 50% of UK clothing by 9 months could reduce… Continue reading How To Keep Your Favourite Clothes Forever (or close to it)

Fish are friends, not food.

After receiving many recommendations from friends I watched the Netflix documentary Seaspiracy. British filmmaker Ali Tabrizi uses the one and a half hour documentary to enlighten viewers of a raft of harrowing truths about the seafood industry. Finding 1: The war on the straw Ali quickly dismantled the impact of the famous campaign against the… Continue reading Fish are friends, not food.

A Glass Of Water With A Hint Of Plastic, Please.

When ordering a glass of water I am sure an added hint of ingestible plastic was not what you had in mind. Unfortunately, a recent study by the American Chemical Society confirmed that American’s who meet their daily water intake through only bottled sources may be ingesting 90,000 microplastics annually, with those who only consume… Continue reading A Glass Of Water With A Hint Of Plastic, Please.

5 Ways To Make Your Travel More Sustainable

Increased disposable income, more affordable air travel, and technological advances have contributed to the growth of international and domestic tourism in the past decades. International tourist arrivals increased from 770 million in 2005 to 1.2 billion in 2016 and are forecast to reach 1.8 billion in 2030. Domestic tourist arrivals doubled from 4 billion in… Continue reading 5 Ways To Make Your Travel More Sustainable

Sustainable Cleaning: Tincture London

I am a clean freak – nothing makes me more relaxed than a spotless home. However, my love of clean surfaces had frequently resulted in the abandonment of rooms due to the chemicals in the products I was using (Cillit mould remover I am looking at you). Additionally, the hazard labels on the back of… Continue reading Sustainable Cleaning: Tincture London

3 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Routine More Sustainable

Cut down on food waste One-third of food produced globally is wasted; that is 1.3 billion tonnes of food that is never eaten[1] – yikes! When food ends up in landfill, it decomposes without oxygen, releasing methane - a harmful greenhouse gas more potent than carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere. To put its impact into… Continue reading 3 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Routine More Sustainable

Why I Stopped Purchasing Fast Fashion (And Why You Should Too)

My journey away from fast fashion began with minimalism. Rewind a few years; I was preparing to move countries for work for a second time. When you are forced to pack your whole life into two suitcases and maybe a box you have no choice but to be ruthless with what stays and what goes.… Continue reading Why I Stopped Purchasing Fast Fashion (And Why You Should Too)

5 Sustainability Books To Read This Year

When trying to live a more sustainable life, educating yourself on current issues are is crucial. For myself, reading books plays a massive part in the education piece. Here are my top 5 recommendations - Happy Reading! The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac Goodreads rating: 4.2/5 Christiana… Continue reading 5 Sustainability Books To Read This Year

How Eco-friendly Is Your Salon Visit?

Recently I have been pondering to balayage my hair. With all the beautiful locks on Pinterest, it's hard not to be enticed to try something new. But I was curious to know how good hair dye is for us and what happens once the foils come off and the products are washed down our drains?… Continue reading How Eco-friendly Is Your Salon Visit?

5 Swaps To Make Your Bathroom Routine More Sustainable

With less than 50% of bathroom waste being recycled, therefore billions of pieces of plastic ending up in landfill, finding more sustainable and plastic-free bathroom alternatives is a must. Below are 5 easy swaps to your bathroom routine that you can make today! 1. Switch to Shampoo Bars. When I first heard of the shampoo… Continue reading 5 Swaps To Make Your Bathroom Routine More Sustainable